Masks from recycled materials

Hungarian students have learnt the Green Hymn and prepared masks with reusing waste materials.


Green Hymn

Hungary has created the song of our project that is closely linked to the objectives of the Future Green Generation Project.  

Animals day

We invited families and students to bring their pets to the school for celebrating international animal day.  For preprimary kids we worked by their own stories (short written descriptions and pictures). This way, students could discovery and learn many diferent features of animal life. Other students could bring their pets to the school and showed... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody!

Hi Javier, Webpage is looking good. I will uploade some stuff soon. Anne Mette and Tine will also bring things for uploading in Spain. Enjoy the weekend. Mr.Peter  

Word Day of Animals

  On the 4th October our school celebrated the Word Day of Animals. The activities were related to our Erasmus+ project: Future Green Generation. We created a special ‘Our Pets’ display. For younger students we Included the children’s own pictures , written descriptions and .stories about animals in Hungarian Literature lessons. Students had an animal story... Continue Reading →

Natural Science trip to Hortobágy

According to our traditions, we organized our natural science trip in October​. This time we travelled to Hortobágy. Hortobágy is the largest continuous natural grassland in Europe, which means that it was not formed as a result of deforestation or river control. The park, a part of the Alföld (Great Plain), was designated as a national park... Continue Reading →

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