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ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnership


Future Green Generation




Oct. 31st – Nov. 2nd 2017 



Standskolen – Kongens Enge40, 2690 Karlslunde, Denmark – host partner

Mr. Peter Lund Nielsen

Mrs Anne Mette Ojeda

Mrs Tine Winther


Salesianos Puertollano – Maria Auxilladora 18, 13500 Puertollano, Spain                                                                                                                                                                   Mr Adrian Sabalete

Mr Javier Calatrava

Basakli Ortaokulu – Basakli Koyu Cinar, Diyarbakir, Turkey                                                                                 Miss Derya Yildirim                                                                         Mr Mucahid Medirel

Istituto Comprensivo Ignazio Buttitta – Via Flavio Gioia, 4 – 90011 Bagheria, Italy Mr Antonino Maggiore                                                                   Mrs Nunzia De Luca

Szent Imre Katolikus Altalanos Iskola es Jo Posztor Ovada, Ami, 45 Deak Ferenc, 3300 Eger, Hungary

Mrs Sajban Zsuzsanna

Mrs Csepanyne Ipacs Katalin

The signed list of the participants is available in Annex I.


Mr Peter Lund Nielsen, the coordinator of the project, acted as the Chair and Mrs Tine Winther  recorded the minutes.


  1. Opening & Introduction

Peter Lund Nielsen, the Chair, opened the meeting held at Standskolen – Kongens Enge40, 2690 Karlslunde, at 8:30 on 31 October 2017. He welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance. Then he  invited the attendees to introduce themselves and describe their school background.

  1. Approval of the Agenda

the Chair distributed the Agenda for the approval.

DAY  1 ( 31 October 2017)

  1. Learning objectives
  2. Activities and Products
  3. Tasks and Dissemination

DAY  2 (1 November 2017)

  1. Mobilities
  2. Budget
  3. Logo Contest

Day  3 ( 2 November 2017)

  1. Student Assembly
  2. LTTA in Italy

The agenda was unanimously approved by the meeting.




As there is no need to read the project since obviously all partners have studied it, and some of them even have contributed to the proposal writing, The Chair reads the learning objectives of the project and invites the partners to say if they are clear to everyone and how they wll help the students to foster their skills and competences.

After an extensive discussion the teachers agree that the learning objectives will help students to have a deeper awareness of the environmental issues, develop their speaking and writing skills  in the mother and foreign language and be more tolerant towards people of different culture. Moreover they will increase their academic level in science and develop both their artistic and digital skills as well.


The teachers approve the following activities and products:

– Erasmus board

-Pet day involving parents

-Cleaning the beach and/ or river

-Eco-song and music video

-Documentary film about birds

-Christmas cards made of recycling materials



-Hungary will design questionnaires to be distributed to students, parents and teachers on their expectations and satisfaction about the project activities. It will consist of closed questions: ten for students, ten for parents and ten for teachers. Moreover it will compose the Eco-song to be sung during the LTTA in Sicily. Within the end of November  partners will send a stanza or sentences to be used to write the lyric of the song.

-Denmark is responsible of the coordination of the project and  will make a music video after the LTTA in Sicily to be upload on the project website.

-Spain will launch the project website and keep it updated. It will also include a blog where partners will put  topics and students are encouraged to interact.

-Italy will produce a documentary film on birds to be shown in May in Spain and will write the minutes after both TM and LTTA meetings.

-Hungary and Turkey will register the project on the eTwinning platform and keep it updated with all products and activities concerning the project



Mr Antonino Maggiore asked to postpone the LTTA, planned in February 2018 to March 2018, because they are involved in an other Erasmus+ project and they will be in Turkey with their students. The partners agreed that the LTTA in Italy will take place on March 19th -23rd 2018 and the TM in Spain in May 14th -18th 2018.                 It is also discussed about the certificate of attendance at the meetings. The Chair proposes a form, recording the date of arrival and departure and the  name of the attendee, to be signed by the hosting headmaster at each meeting. Turkey disagrees and all partners agree on a certificate for each meeting signed by the headmaster of the hosting school.


The Chair shows the M tool and explained the importance to  update it regularly and how to spend the grant received by the NA.

The Chair makes sure that each institution has received the 80٪ of the grant and informs the teachers that the 20٪  will be transferred, as it is used to be,  after the acceptance of the final report.

The budget for the planned mobilities is, in general cases, insufficient so the Chair proposes that it can be supplemented out of the management costs

Tickets, bills… are to be held by the partners and will be collected only in case of “emergency” control. He says that all necessary information is available in the Erasmus Plus Program



The Chair invites the coordinators of each institution to show and describe the logo they have selected among those made by their students.  The meeting chooses the Italian logo because best conveys the message of the project and also for the technique used by the student. (Annex 2)


The partners take place at the student Assembly where they show slides and videos about their country, region, hometown and school. After the assembly they attended some classes.

The Chair invites Mr Antonino Maggiore, the Italian coordinator, to inform the partners about the activities the students will  be involved in.

Mr Antonino Maggiore asks the partners about the number of the students they would like to take to Sicily: Hungary: 4, Denmark: 4-5, Spain: 3, Turkey: 3

The hosting institution will send a student form in January to be filled with information about diet, allergy, medicines, interests and hobbies, etc.. It will help  the host institution to match the students with the most suitable host families who will provide meals and accomodation and will take and pick them up at school after the activities. He suggests to encourage the students to get to know each other and exchange information  through the eTwinning platform before the LTTA take place.

Mr Antonino Maggiore will meet the partners at the airport and will take them to the hotel where the host families will be waiting for the students.

On the first day the partners will visit the school, meet the headmistress, the Major and the Erasmus Committee and attend the welcome ceremony where they will give a presentation of their school. After that they will have a walk to the old town.

On the second day they’ll visit the Castle of Zisa in Palermo, an Arab monument to see how they used to cool the  castle in summer as a way to save energy.

On the third day the students will visit the new building of the host institution which has an unfinished garden. The students in groups of five will design the garden to be sent to the town council and ask them to built it. The Chair suggests to bring some seeds to be planted in the garden and encourage students to bring some gifts to the host families. The Danish students will bring 10 tablets as a tool to design the garden.

On the fourth day the students will describe their typical  house and the way they save energy in houses. In the evening the host families will arrange a buffet for the hosts and the Hungarian students will sing the Eco-song and performance a ballet with their typical folk costumes.


















Annex 1



Name Organization Signature
Mr. Peter Lund Nielsen Standskolen – Karlslunde, Denmark
Mrs Anne Mette Ojeda


Standskolen – Karlslunde, Denmark
Mrs Tine Winther


Standskolen – Karlslunde, Denmark
Mr Adrian Sabalete


Salesianos Puertollano –  Puertollano, Spain
Mr Javier Calatrava


Salesianos Puertollano –  Puertollano, Spain
Miss Derya Yildirim


Basakli Ortaokulu –  Diyarbakir, Turkey
Mr Mucahid Medirel


Basakli Ortaokulu Diyarbakir, Turkey
Mrs Csepanyne Ipacs Katalin


Szent Imre Katolikus Altalanos Iskola es Jo Posztor Ovada- Eger, Hungary


Mrs Sajban Zsuzsanna


Szent Imre Katolikus Altalanos Iskola es Jo Posztor Ovada- Eger, Hungary


Mrs Nunzia De Luca


Istituto Comprensivo Ignazio Buttitta – Italy
Mr  Antonino Maggiore


Istituto Comprensivo Ignazio Buttitta – Italy




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