Spain – Energy saving

Our sixth graders carry out a study on energy savings at home and how it can affect the earth. They have carried out a wide debate in English class and have made a video at home with all their conclusions.


Spain – Renewable energies

In Natural Science our students and their teachers have worked on renewable energy resources, in other words, those which are virtually inexhaustible and also pollute infinitely less than the usual ones, such as fuel (petrol), is important that, as members of the green future generation, they strive to keep a sustainable development for humanity and... Continue Reading →

Spain – Ecological Model

Our sixth graders show the model which is made with renewable energies. They have made the rest of the class see the great advantages of using these energies for future generations to live in a more ecological world Photos

Word Day of Animals

  On the 4th October our school celebrated the Word Day of Animals. The activities were related to our Erasmus+ project: Future Green Generation. We created a special ‘Our Pets’ display. For younger students we Included the children’s own pictures , written descriptions and .stories about animals in Hungarian Literature lessons. Students had an animal story... Continue Reading →

Natural Science trip to Hortobágy

According to our traditions, we organized our natural science trip in October​. This time we travelled to Hortobágy. Hortobágy is the largest continuous natural grassland in Europe, which means that it was not formed as a result of deforestation or river control. The park, a part of the Alföld (Great Plain), was designated as a national park... Continue Reading →

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