Bird houses made by Hungarian students

Classes 5 a and 5 b studied birds in Art lessons within the framework of the Future Green Generation Erasmus + project. Students in class 5a. drew the Wormhole, the bird of the year 2018 in Hungary. Pupils in class 5b. painted and made bird houses. One of the bird houses  was sent to the... Continue Reading →


Objects and statues from recycled materials contest in Eger, Hungary

In our school we have had a big contest. Students had to make objects or statues from recycled materials. Almost 100 pupils took part in it. It was a great success and we were happy to see how creative they were.  

FGG logos from Eger, Hungary

​We prepared our logos in Hungary. All of them had to present the features and the main objectives of the project, as well as the 5 participant countries.. Here you can see the 3 best logos that were chosen by our students and teachers.

As part of our project we organized a Cleaning Day in our school. Almost 80 students were cleaning up the school yard both in Deák Street and in Kossuth Street.

Green Hymn

Hungary has created the song of our project that is closely linked to the objectives of the Future Green Generation Project.  

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