Word Day of Animals


On the 4th October our school celebrated the Word Day of Animals. The activities were related to our Erasmus+ project: Future Green Generation.

We created a special ‘Our Pets’ display. For younger students we Included the children’s own pictures , written descriptions and .stories about animals in Hungarian Literature lessons. Students had an animal story day. They talked about the differences between story animals and real-life animals.

We introduced basic concepts of animal welfare by inviting the children to talk about their own pets’ individual needs. They talked about how these differ according to the animal, e.g. tropical fish need a very different home to a cat.

Students could bring their pets to the school and showed tem to their peers, parents and teachers. An animal expert was also invited to our school who talked about the lives of aninals, about protecting animals and about animal shelters.

Other activities were drawing logos for the project and an art competition. The topic was: My favourite animal. The best pictures were exhibited and awards were given to the best students.

Our school also organised a trip to a local animal shelter


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